Austin Alexander

Actor. Writer. Creative. Dude.

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Austin Alexander is a working actor. He works in television, film, VO, commercials, and theatre.

What kind of actor is Austin?

If Brad Pitt and Val Kilmer had a baby that was raised by Matt Damon, Edward Norton, and Seth Rogan—you’d get close. In all seriousness though, Austin is a trained actor. He started on the stage and then moved over to film and television towards the end of his undergrad theatre training. He has studied with several esteemed instructors in collegiate, conservatory style, and private coaching settings. For more information on his training and credits, check out his IMDB or his resume on Actors Access.

He tends to be cast as the bad boyfriend, the solemn but sensitive soldier, the crass cowboy, the sarcastic and witty asshole, the fun loving but troubled friend, and the stoic guy with a big heart.


Austin Alexander writes across a range of different mediums. He has written and produced plays and films, sketch comedy, poetry, music, fiction, and also occasionally blogs. You can read the latest posts here:


I struggle every day to open up too…

Most of my life people have seen me as outgoing, extroverted, super social. I may have been accused of talking too much more than once--it's something I still actively work on. I am the guy that friends say, "yeah everywhere we go he seems to know somebody..."...

FEAR: Being Boring & Dying Alone

I can't smoke your weed My ego won't let me. You've never had to compensate for anything real. You're so bland and beautiful. I want the real thing No more smoke screens You're trying to smash a spider with a sledgehammer. A life of chaos sounds reasonable. I grew up...


#realtalk I was literally afraid while drawing this. All sorts of doubts and fears ran through my head. Brought on by years of conditioning on how I should behave as a man from friends, family, and the world at large. You might be like "dude, chill out--it's a...

Creative. Dude.

Austin Alexander is a creative dude. In addition to being a writer, he is a musician, business owner, graphic designer, web designer, copywriter, and hobby painter. His philosophy is that all forms of creation can inspire one another.

Part of being an artist is throwing off any perceived limitations the world might expect to be able to throw on you, and just being the best you that you can be. The journey to becoming that “you” though seems to be a life’s work.