I’m sick again. My lovely girlfriend is taking me to the doctor right now to find out why. Though going to the doctor is about the last thing I want to do…

All day I’ve wanted to slink around in comfortable clothes, nap, eat tasty comfort food, be snarky, watch good movies, and basically do anything besides being productive. Instead, I actually got through half of my to do list for work today, ate mildly healthy, watched one 45 minute documentary, and only spent half the day in comfy clothes.

I’ve realized that giving myself “self-love” and care sometimes means dropping my higher standards of perfection, and just “calling it done” or taking a shortcut to get it done instead. That can happen a lot of different ways:

  • Offloading a task to someone else.
  • Figuring out a shorter way to finish something.
  • Allowing my grand image of the finished product to transform and shrink a little bit.
  • Tell whoever is waiting on the finished product that it will be a little late.
  • Letting myself off the hook.
  • Only finishing half a to do list and being okay with that.

So in the spirit of taking shortcuts go read this blog I wrote about being sick and giving myself rest. Or, this one about feeling bad. You could also just read any of my other posts as well. I’m under my usual minimum 300 word count…so technically that’s a shortcut too. Oh yeah, I’m also writing and publishing this on my iPhone…tech is cool.