Yourself, your family, your friends, food, ideas, places, animals, music, art, on and on and on….It doesn’t matter what the thing is, declare your love for it on a regular basis. Talk about how much you love it, and why you love it so much.

I find that the more I declare the fact that I love people, places, things, and ideas the more positive my focus becomes. It might sound hippy dippy or cheesy, but in a practical sense, by doing that, I am programming my perspective to intuitively see things from a place of love.

The Mirror Exercise

If you’re not in the habit of declaring your love, there is definitely a steep learning curve and adjustment period. This habit or rule began for me with a mirror exercise that was suggested to me a couple of years ago. Basically, you stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself with absolute sincerity, “I love you…” It is one of Louise Hay’s most famous exercises.

Yeah…it felt absolutely ridiculous the first 20 or 50 times I tried it. Eventually, I got past the goofy feeling. Full disclosure, depending on the day, this still can be very challenging sometimes. But, it does get me out of my head, and, if I’m swimming in the negative side of my ego, it starts to pull me back towards the positive.

While I’ve never had a revelatory or burning bush type experience with this exercise, it did get me back in the habit of declaring my love for all things in my life on a regular basis. Making this shift in myself made me see just how much love I had for all of the other things and people around me.

The Uncomfortable Habit Of Saying “I Love You”

I went out from there and started declaring my love for other things and people. In particular, I started telling my friends and family I loved them more often. In my experience, some people immediately reciprocate this kind of affection. For others, this can be a little off putting, or at least a little strange to hear at first. But, eventually, they either give it back or they just accept that you’re that friend that just feels compelled to say you love them.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t walk around telling every person I see,”Hey! I love you!” I know people like that. It works for them, and that’s great. Not really my cup of tea, though. But, for those people that are close to me, I do my best to let them know I love them on a regular basis for myself and for them. It keeps me in a good head space, and keeps me focused on what really matters.

By the way, if you’re reading this and you’ve read my other posts, I love you.