Yes, today is my mother’s birthday. AND, yes, I have already called her and sang Happy Birthday. I started in way too high of a register, and then had to end it an octave below. It was also the morning, and she was the first person I spoke to after being up for a couple hours so my voice was super raspy and crackly. I’m sure it was beautimous.

However, I’m not writing this to brag about my birthday crooning skills.

A few years ago, I forgot to call my mom on her birthday. It’s not a good idea, and I don’t recommend anyone do that for several reasons.

  1. Your mother will be anticipating your call all day…seriously, ALL DAY.
  2. You will make your mother cry if you do not call her on her birthday.
  3. She may forgive you for the oversight with time, but trust that she will not forget.

Now, I know that several other people have parents who have passed away, adopted parents, dysfunctional relationships with their parents, absentee parents, and all sorts of other factors that can hinder you talking to your mom. If it’s going to possibly cause you or them harm, then refraining from conversation on their birthday is TOTALLY understandable. Some people need to keep distance for their own well being.

However, if it’s possible, even if it’s tough, to call them and wish them a happy birthday…you should probably go ahead and do it for your own sake and theirs.

Don’t get the wrong idea. I don’t have an estranged relationship with my mom. I simply forgot. At the time, I was kind of forgetting about everything that really mattered. So, that one is on me. Forgiving myself for that period of time is taking patience, work, and love for myself and others.

My relationship with her is far less strained than it was a little over a year ago. In all honesty, it’s nearly a 180 flip in how things were compared to how they are now. Not everything is repaired, but my relationship with her continues to get better as more time passes. It’s like with most of the relationships I have, be it friends or family. The more I focus on self-love and being better to me, the more I can show up and have a greater relationship with my loved ones.

Do I still mess up or take steps backward?

Sure, but everyone has their bad days…

Happy Birthday Mom!