If it were up to me, I would just downplay my abilities, achievements, accolades, and strengths all day, everyday. I spent so much time in my life:

  • Getting down on myself.
  • Self-deprecating.
  • Thinking I was unworthy or worthless.
  • Constantly questioning my own abilities.
  • Telling myself I wasn’t good enough.
  • Telling myself I wasn’t as good as someone else was.

These tendencies weren’t just a habit, they were a way of life. I was so attached to thinking that I just wasn’t as good as someone else was, I ended up slamming on the brakes of my life. And, the sad thing is, I focused so much on what was wrong with me, I forgot what was right.

Don’t get me wrong, I think honest self-appraisal is a cornerstone to adequately determine how you will succeed at any given pursuit. I think Socrates said it better than I did, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” But, I think there is such a thing as overanalyzing, overexamination, and obsessing to the point of paralysis or destruction.

My Family Reminds Me…

My family has been a constant presence in my life that has helped me remember what is right. Through their words, support, and through their love, I am reminded that I am worthy. I AM good enough to achieve my dreams.

Just today, I laughed at my Grandfather’s assumption of my capabilities via email and said, “…all of that takes time. Sometimes I think you think I am a superhero or something hahaha…”

His reply: “…And yes. I do think of you as a super hero. Sometimes you underestimate yourself and your capability.

This might sound cheesy, but it made me want to weep with joy. For someone to be told that by one of their childhood heroes…well, it’s about the biggest achievement you can earn I think.