I’ve come around to the realization that I just need directions for most tasks that I embark on. I used to think that people “just figured out” everything. And, for some people, that might actually work really well. Not me though.

Not to say I haven’t just figured some things out, because I have. That’s mostly through a process of trial and error. Recently, I’ve found it much easier to just put my ego aside and ask someone else how they did it. And have them give me the step by step directions. That way I can at least give myself a mental map for how I’ll go about trying to achieve it.

Basic meditation had been a huge hurdle for me lately. I finally just decided to ask someone I had a lot of respect for how they went about doing basic meditation. This person told me they sit in their garage in the morning with a cup of coffee, let their thoughts drift, and basically envision how they’d like their tasks to go for that day.

I’ve been trying this method of meditation now for about a week, and it has helped me tremendously. In the past, I vastly overcomplicated the process before having those simple steps. This seems to be a recurring theme in my life. Figuring out my own direction and how to navigate that has been a mystery that eluded me. I’m slowly, with some direction, figuring that out more and more.

It’s also a great comfort knowing that someone else has done it before, been there before, or at least has some knowledge for how to get started. Even if what I am trying to do isn’t exactly the same, their previous experience can at least get me on the right path to getting something done.