I don’t remember when exactly my obsession with popcorn began. I mean, I liked popcorn as a kid but I was never like “all about it” until recently. The butter, salt, and texture just takes control of my brain and taste buds, and won’t let go. It’s a pretty tame vice, but one that I need to record.

In the past year and a half, it has gotten to points where I’ve literally had a bowl or more of popcorn per day. It’s not the worst thing to overindulge on, but it’s also not super good. The sodium content alone cannot be good for my blood pressure.

Wow…I just typed that sentence. Typing out the words “cannot be good for my blood pressure” made me feel my adulthood. It’s funny when you actually start to physical and mentally feel your age, and what triggers those feelings. Most times, my mind feels like it’s anywhere from 8-28 years old. But, having that thought makes me feel completely in the present.

But back to popcorn…it’s timeless. I’ve never had a point in my life where I didn’t like it. From time to time, I have gone long periods of time without it. However, I don’t think that my proclivity to eat it until my stomach feels like it’s a backpack that’s just too full to close is a great thing.  Gotta find the balance.

My mom sent me a box from the Popcorn Factory for Easter, which is what sparked this whole idea. She’ll also probably read this, so I’ll just say —Mom, you didn’t contribute to a vice of mine, do not worry. I’m super excited about the box, and I will definitely be chowing down on whatever is inside. I just have to remind myself to consume the popcorn in moderation, because it is definitely a kryptonite for me.