In the past 6 months or so, I realized that I had a slight issue with drinking too much coffee. My girlfriend pointed out that she thought I might be overstimulating myself. My response was, “What are you talking about? I only have like 6 cups a day or so…that’s nothing” I then heard the words come out of my mouth, and realized my flawed logic. A cup to me is like double the size of what a normal cup of coffee would be.

When I drink too much coffee in a given day I get panicky, anxious, and VERY talkative. However, I also feel more mentally aware and driven to do things. It’s a tough trade off. The alternative is feeling calm but sluggish throughout the day. I’m sure that if I cut it out completely, or switched to tea, I could probably solve my issues. That or I could just keep it to a 1-2 cup minimum. That’s why I’m writing it as a vice. I freakin’ LOVE the taste of coffee.

As a kid, I DID NOT like coffee. Except for the coffee that I had at my friend’s house across the street. But, the coffee they made was closer to a chocolate caffeine drink…so now that I am a coffee drinker I don’t think that really counts. I couldn’t stand the taste, but I loved the smell.

I really loved the smell of coffee grounds. When I was 10 or 11 years old, I decided to see if the smell matched the taste. No, I don’t mean I brewed coffee for the first time at 10 or 11. I mean I literally grabbed a spoonful of coffee grounds and stuffed them in my mouth. Yeah, not a great idea. Mr. Bean made it look much more appealing to make a cup of coffee in your mouth.

Getting into my teenage years, I started drinking coffee a little more often, but even still I never was a regular consumer. I would partake in the occasional cup of joe as long as it was highly doctored with cream and sugar. That trend lasted well into my early twenties.

I didn’t start really liking strong black coffee until I first had Chicory coffee. It sent me down a path of having all sorts of different blends and roasts that my “unrefined” tastes had never been exposed to.

Now, I like really dark really strong black coffee. No nothing in it. Occasionally, if I’ve had too many cups in a day or if my stomach is feeling slightly sensitive I may put a touch of milk in my cup…but that’s about it. Funny how tastes change.