I have wanted to start writing on this blog again since I stopped, but I’ve let a lot of things get in my way.

Mostly myself. I created an endless string of reasons to procrastinate including:

  • Why I shouldn’t restart
  • Why I needed to wait
  • I would have to explain why I’d stopped
  • Why or how I would structure it differently.
  • I have to give myself some kind of daily or weekly deadline
  • I needed a theme for every month
  • I needed a “feel” for every week.

All these rules just ended up stressing me out, and I kept myself from taking any kind of action. It’s not an unfamiliar pattern of mine.

So, I said enough with all of that mental noise. I started this originally, because I needed something to spurn me to create a reason to write something or create something every day. I did that, but it petered off.

So, even if there’s no structure this time around I’m going to start posting again.

It may be once a week. It may be less than that, may be more than that. I’m  not really putting limits or expectations on myself. I’ve had the urge several times to just put up something and have kept myself from doing that. I had this vision in my head of my glorious and triumphant return to the wild world of personal blogging. Yeah…………..

I was acting out of fear that I’d go down another rabbit hole, and put excessive amounts of pressure on myself to make sure I was posting in accordance with the rules that I had set out in the first place. It’s a bad idea to put that much pressure on yourself, especially when you start something for fun. You bend something hard enough, it breaks.

So, I’m revising the rules and I’m refreshing these posts and this blog. I’m restarting without so many restrictions. It’s a little more unstructured, it will be a little more unstructured, because I’m still a little unstructured. But, that’s OK. I got to be OK with that period. “Progress not perfection”.