This one particularly is for me. I’ve found in the past few weeks it is almost always easier to churn out one of these in the morning. My mind is more fresh, I have fewer things occupying my brain, and I don’t have fatigue working against me. In general, as I have gotten older I have realized the night owl tendencies that I once prescribed to as a kid and young adult aren’t actually as effective as I made them out to be.

With unfinished projects on deadlines, I would always try to push it off and push it off and push it off. Through experience, and a lot of long nights, I have realized that what I can do in one hour after 10 p.m. most times will take me 20-30 minutes after a full night of rest. Now, that’s not to say that I won’t still have to pull some late nights here and there, but making it my modus operandi is just not effective when I really weigh the difference.

This may come as a no brainer to some, and to others (fellow night owls) it may come as a dumb idea. Why fight the way you’ve operated for so long? Well, when you keep doing the same things, it only follows that you will keep getting the same results. Thinking any different is pretty close to being crazy.

So, with that, I will end this post 33 words short of the usual 300 word minimum that I normally ascribe to, so I can get some sleep and write another rule in the morning.

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