I had to take a huge pause today. I was up to my teeth in anxiety towards the end of the day. This has happened a number of times to me recently, and I’m glad I am documenting it here. It will give me something to look back on and laugh once I am back to a more normalized work load.

Side note: If you are reading this, or have been reading my posts, or even just a few of them…thank you, for real. It holds me accountable to a task that is honestly helping me to develop a discipline I have wanted to have for a VERY long time. You are appreciated.

One thing that has been helping me lately is deep breathing exercises. When I am starting to feel panicked or overwhelmed, I go somewhere I know I won’t be disturbed and I take TEN super deep breaths. Most times, it works. Sometimes though, my chest is so tight with worry or anxiety that I can’t let go to breathe deeply enough. That is when I start to feel like I may be going crazy.

From reading and hearing about people’s personal experiences around the clinically insane, I’m certain that I am not. From what I can gather, if I can still ponder as to whether or not I’ve lost my mind, then I still have a chance to preserve my sanity.

Having the chance to preserve my sanity can look a lot of different ways, but all of them require some form of action on my part. And, any of those actions start with taking a few deep breaths, then:

  • Meditating
  • Praying
  • Calling A Friend
  • Calling A Colleague
  • Calling Family
  • Seeking help from a life coach, therapist, or doctor if it’s a serious ongoing mental health issue.

The last one I’ve only had some minor experience with, but I DO know that there is no shame WHATSOEVER in taking steps to preserve your health. Whether that is physical, mental, or spiritual, if you need help do not hesitate to ask for it. I know that I have a tough time being vulnerable enough to admit that I need help. Whether that means help doing some household chore or help with my anxiety and work load, it is still hard to admit that I don’t got this all on my own.

The most successful and healthy people in my life know when and how to ask for help. People are here to help. SO, don’t get overwhelmed…breathe…and try that list above.