This is going to be a very short entry.

I feel sick. I probably am sick. I’ve felt sapped of energy all day. I feel “cloudy” in my brain, and like there are bits of cotton in between my eyes and inside my forehead.

My old way to deal with this would be to drink more coffee, do some exercise, take a few non-drowsy meds, and plow forward like I was racing against the clock. This is what I believed was the right way to live. There was never any time to waste, so why should I let being sick bring me down?

I’ve learned since then, eventually, my body will force me to shutdown. It’s a far worse kind of being sick when you run yourself ragged. I feel as if my whole life is peeling apart at the seams, and I’m a complete and utter failure. In reality, my body is just lacking the proper nutrients and rest it needs to sustain itself at an optimum level, and my brain/mood is having chemical reactions to that deficiency.

I don’t think people are built to be as productive as society, and the world, seems to expect us to be. So, with that I’m going to go take some more vitamins and supplements for my immune system, and get back to resting.