IF you’ve been following along with my daily posts, you may remember this story about a bird that incessently chirps outside my window every morning. I had decided that I was going to love the bird for keeping me on a path to start getting up earlier in the morning, but I think he chirped one time too many.

A few mornings ago I woke up at 5 or 5:30, this is about an hour before I had planned to wake up. My mind was racing, and I was wide awake. I had a full day ahead of me though, so I knew I needed to catch a little more shut eye before I truly started my day. I’ve found recently that if I don’t get enough rest, about midday I become pretty anxious or manic. That doesn’t make for a very pleasant rest of the day. Yes, I do take naps sometimes to subside this effect.

So, I was wide awake. I decided I would do some writing to try and calm my brain. I ended up writing an entire blog entry which I will be publishing at a later time. I read a little bit, and then I went to lay back down at around 6:15 and figured that I would sleep until 7:30 instead to try and make up for the interruption.

I was just lulling off to sleep probably 5 minutes after I laid down. Then the bird started chirping. Loud, echoing whistles that felt like chisels on my eardrums. I thought about just turning on this rain app on my phone to drown out the noise, but I was feeling impassioned this morning. I was going to scare this bird off once and for good. I can rely on my alarm clock to do the waking thank you very much.

I put on clothes and a coat, as it was probably 50 or so outside at the time, and it’s less vulnerable putting on clothing when venturing outside in a condo complex. I went out onto my back porch. I could hear the bird up in the trees. The side wall of my building and the line of trees against it were creating this funnel that was amplifying the birds whistles. No wonder this little creature kept waking me up.

I clapped my hands LOUDLY a few times. No effect. Not even a pause in the whistles. This has to be some sort of call that is related to mating or something else important. I looked around and found a small rock.

I DID NOT hit the bird with a rock. I couldn’t even see where the bird actually was. I could just tell the general vicinity of where the whistles were coming from. So, I reared back and chunked the rock. TOTALLY missed the bird because the whistling did not stop as the rock hit the branches. Instead, once the rock tumbled through the thicket of branches, and fell the sound of the rock thumping against the wooden walkway under the trees stopped the whistling. I saw the bird take off from a branch somewhere in the middle of a thicket of leaves at least 3-5 feet from where I had been aiming.


I went inside victoriously. My girlfriend was just waking up, and making little cute noises that I took as her wondering why I was up so early. I victoriously announced,”I threw a rock and scared that damn bird away!” She quietly whispered, “oh that’s good babe.” She promptly turned back over to snooze for a few more minutes. I laid back down.

I was full of excitement that I could now catch about 30 minutes of extra sleep undisturbed. I got comfortable and started drifting off as my girlfriend got up to get ready. About 10 minutes past, and I was getting close to drifting off and the whistling started again. It wasn’t as close this time, but it was the same whistling.

The whims of nature and other animals are not easy ones to compromise with. Thankfully, I have technology on my side. I turned on the rain app on my phone, and caught a quick morning nap before going about with the rest of my day.

And yes, the bird still whistles every morning. Including today.