Last month was all about my vices. And, I honestly could probably keep going for another month or three just getting down on all the things that I overindulge in, do wrong, fail at repeatedly, think badly of myself, and on and on.

The point is: I have no problem talking shit about myself. Self deprecation comes very easily to me. It always has. That’s a pretty common trait for people who have self-worth and self-confidence issues. I developed a healthy amount of doubt and humor about my own weaknesses. What I learned is you make people laugh when you talk bad about yourself in a light way. But, the more you do it—the more you actually start to believe the lie.

So, now I am relearning how to talk good about myself. Honest self-appraisal is a hugely difficult thing for me. And, even harder than that is talking about all of the good things about myself. My positive character traits, habits, hobbies, pursuits, and passions.

So, I am using the month of April to discuss my virtues. It might not all be hokey shit like “I have a big heart”…though I do. Virtues I might talk about this month are:

  • Points of pride in my character, moral being, and ethical values.
  • Talents
  • Hobbies I never talk about
  • Funny little things I’m proud of.
  • Things that I think make me a decent human being.

While I think it’s incredibly important to be aware of your possible flaws, it’s equally important to know your strengths. “What you focus on expands”, and I’d rather have the positive get bigger NOT the negative. I’ve waded in the negative side of the pool for long enough in my life. It’s not a fun place to be, and I don’t intend to go back there anytime soon.